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We aim to organise the transportation of your pet with a minimum amount of fuss and stress for both you and your pet. We do this by looking for the most direct route by air, keeping the amount of time your pet is in the kennel to an absolute minimum.

Should my pet(s) be sedated prior to travelling?

DEFRA, Vets and airlines all agree that pet(s) should not be sedated prior to the flight. This is due to the possibilities of reactions to the change in air pressure. Should the Airline be of the opinion that an animal has been sedated they are within their rights to refuse carriage.

Is there a minimum age for pet(s) travelling?

IATA regulations vary from airline to airline. Most airlines would prefer a minimum age of at least 10 weeks (but some do look for older). Airlines can also restrict travel for extreme weather conditions (either too hot or cold).

How quickly will my pet(s) be allowed off the flight?

By the time you have sorted out your hand baggage and gathered your coat together, it is more than likely that your pet(s) have been off-loaded from the aircraft and be on their way to the airlines warehouse. Part of the booking procedure that we arrange with the airline is that all parties who need to know about any live animals on board a flight, do know about them and handle them accordingly. This means they will get a priority service from start to finish.

Can I have access to my pet(s) during the flight?

There is no access to the hold during the flight (Please do not be mis-led by Hollywood on this). Neither you or the crew, will be able to check on your pet(s) during either the flight or any re-fuelling stops.

Food & water?

We would recommend against feeding your pet on the day of the flight (and only lightly fed on the day before). This will assist with your pet not soiling itself during the flight. Water should be available to your pet at all times. Water bowls will be re-filled by the Airline prior to the flight departing and at any re-fuelling stops en-route.

Will my pet be comfortable in the container?

The container(s) being used will be big enough for your pet(s) to be able to lie down, stand up, turn around and lie back down without coming into contact with either the walls or ceiling of the container itself. You would be able to put a familiar item (clothing / blanket) into the container with them to help them get more comfortable. You will not be able to put any toys in the container as this may present a choking hazard. Collars must be removed during the flight as these can present the same risk.

Where will my pet(s) be on the flight?

All live animals are loaded into the aircraft hold (which is heated & pressurised during flight). The container would be secured during the flight. The hold will not be lit during the flight (this has been found to calm any live animals down whilst in transit).

What paperwork will be required?

The paperwork required depends on where the pet is being shipped to. We would suggest speaking to your local Vet as the first stage and then DEFRA as the second stage. We can offer advice on this subject, or guide you to the relevant department to speak to.

Can my pet(s) fly from my local airport?

This again is subject to the airline being used. We have access to all major airlines (with most long haul flights operating from either London Heathrow / London Gatwick or Manchester). Short haul flights are available from Birmingham, East Midlands, Glasgow etc. Certain flights are not able to accept live animals due to the aircraft type being used. We would be able to offer options for flights wherever possible.

Can my pet(s) travel on the same aircraft as me?

Subject to the airline you are travelling on, yes. However there are exceptions to this and we will gladly discuss the options open to you.

What animals can be shipped through ourselves?

We will export cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets (subject to acceptance by the airlines) but will also offer advice on other types of animals.