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Pet Transportation

We are a general freight forwarding company with over 60 years combined experience in export services.

We are a general freight forwarding company with over 60 years combined experience in export services.

In addition to the commercial traffic we handle we also can arrange for the export of domestic pets around the world.

We will only handle shipments of domestic pets (we do not accept animals being shipped for laboratory use).

Although we do not stock suitable containers for this type of shipment, we can refer you to a partner company who can supply either plastic or purpose built wooden containers to your requirements. Please ask for details or click on the link to Whitehouse Kennels.

Visit for more information about moving your pet.

In order to quote on the movement we would require the following details:-

  1. Container size being used
  2. Departure / destination airports
  3. Type of animal being shipped.
  4. Date of flight required.

This list is not exhaustive and certain other information would be required for particular shipments. We can talk you through the process without too much difficulty.

We suggest that you, as the pet’s owner, organise the relevant export / import paperwork for two reasons:-

  1. It works out cheaper for you to organise this paperwork yourself.
  2. It avoids any incorrect details being applied to your shipment.

We would provide the required export customs paperwork and airline travel documentation plus labels for the container along with delivery instructions for the day of the flight being taken. Should you require a transport / boarding service, our partners Whitehouse Kennels, would be able to advise you regarding the relevant charges.

Please note that:

  • Live animal shipments are handled on a cleared funds basis only. This is an industry standard practice.
  • We do not offer insurance cover for any shipments. Should you require insurance for the shipment you would be required to approach a suitable insurance broker.
  • We would require at least 7-10 days (subject to destination) to make the required arrangements for such a shipment to move. This allows time to receive approval from the consignee for the shipment to move and the paperwork to be raised and posted to you as the shipper.